OAA Google Services Agreement

The Laptop you are borrowing comes with a pre-made Google account that is owned by Omega Alpha Academy, and is subject to Google’s terms of service and Omega’s “Student Internet/Computer Use” policy. Additionally, please understand that this account may be monitored by Omega Alpha Academy, and you should not use it for any personal business.


            To read the full notice, please use the provided QR code, or type the provided link into your web browser. Paper copies of the notice are available upon request. This notice provides answers to common questions about what Google can and can’t do with your child’s personal information, including:


What personal information does Google collect?

How does Google use this information?

Will Google disclose my child’s personal information?

Does Google use student personal information for users in K-12 schools to target advertising?

Can my child share information with others using the Google Workspace for Education account?

Please read it carefully, let us know of any questions, and then sign below to indicate that you’ve read the notice and give your consent. If you don’t provide your consent, you will be unable to operate the laptop you have requested.